Application and Rules

Notice to all Gardeners:

GRO South Hadley Community Gardens will be accepting applications for the upcoming 2018 growing season. 

 If you are a returning gardener, submit your application immediately in order to be guaranteed your same plot as last year. 

If you are a new gardener, please submit your application by April 30, 2018. 

The application and all the information about our community garden is located at the website:

Download 2018 application:   2018 GRO application and rules revised 

C0pies of application may be found at South Hadley Library,

Recreation Department in the Town Hall and at Berkshire Bank on Lamb Street.


Rules and Policies  Version 2018

1. Gardeners must be residents of South Hadley. Gardeners must attend a yearly garden orientation.

2. Individual Plot Size: 10 feet by 20 feet.

3. Fee: $20.00 per site on a first come, first served basis with the Garden Board reserving the right to assign available spaces. Note: New rates starting 2016 will be $ 40.00 with a $ 20.00 discount for participation in your 4 hrs. of volunteer time.

Plot refunds will be given to gardeners who need to withdraw from their plot before April 30 of the gardening year. If a gardener is not able to maintain his/her plot, he/she may elect another gardener to use and maintain it for the current season. The Garden Board needs to be notified of this change.

If a plot is rented to a gardener who doesn’t work his/her plot before May 31, every attempt will be made to contact the gardener to remedy the problem. If the problem is not remedied, the Garden Board reserves the right to reassign the plot after May 31.

Gardeners are eligible to apply for a second plot after one year of successful gardening at the South Hadley Community Garden Site, the completion in the preceding gardening season of at least four hours of project work to benefit the Community Garden, and the receipt of less than two verbal or written weeding notices.

Second plots will be awarded by the Garden Board, with every possible attempt to make the second plot adjoin

4. Plots will be assigned at the appropriate time in the Spring (weather dependent) in time for planting.

5. Water: Water will be provided through a faucet and hose system. Water should be applied to your rented space only. Gardener should not over water their plot.

6. Fertilization and pest control: Apply ONLY organic products to your individual plot. If you have any questions please contact one of the garden managers.

7. Tall plants such as corn or vine plants which spread should be planted in the middle of your space. Plant tall crops where they will not shade neighboring plots. Dwarf Sunflowers only. Plants that spread out as they grow should be at least 18 inches from the edge of your plot.(tomato’s, peppers, ect.)

8. Weed Control: Gardeners are to keep their plots and the path in front of their plot weed free and neat.

Weeds are to be removed by hand pulling or hoeing. Weeds and debris shall be hauled to the appropriate collection spot at the Community Garden. Unsightly and unkempt plots may become a nuisance to other gardeners. Should this become the case, attempts will be made to contact the gardener of the plot to remedy the situation. If the situation persists for more than 15 days, the Garden Board reserves the right to till under the offending plot and deny future plot membership to the owner. If a gardener must abandon his/her plot for any reason, they will notify the Garden Board.

9. Renters are to take care of their own plots. GRO will assist when available if there is a problem with your plot. However, renters must be considerate of volunteers and other Gardeners’ time. Please do not leave tools or debris laying on ground or in walkway.

10. Plots may be shared as long as one individual takes ownership of the plot.

11. Care should be given when bringing children to the garden to insure they do not enter and disturb other peoples’ plots.

12. No pets are allowed inside the Community Garden area or allowed to run loose on the Community Garden.

13. No grass clippings can be brought onto the site by anyone at any time.

14. Gardeners must help a minimum of 4 hours with general maintenance of the garden area and will participate in the fall cleanup of the garden. The 4 hours of volunteer time is in addition to keeping the path in front of their plot cleaned and covered with wood chips. Participation in your current year volunteer hours will determine your following years rate.

15. Pick only your own crops unless given permission by another plot’s renter . Unauthorized picking from a garden will result in loss of garden privileges.

16. All spring, summer, and winter crops must be harvested and plant residue disposed of by the first weekend in November. All vegetation around over wintering crops must be removed by this time as well.

17. Disrespectful or abusive language, or destructive behavior can result in immediate loss of all gardening privileges, and forfeiture of any crops remaining in the ground.

18. I understand that neither the garden group nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions.


To sign-up for a plot, E-Mail An application will be sent to you and when returned with your check, a plot will be assigned to you. Make checks payable to the Town of South Hadley with a notation of Community Garden in memo line.