Current Agenda

GRO South Hadley Community Garden Committee

July 19, 2018. 6:45 PM


  1. Welcome new members/guests
  2. Approve May and June meeting minutes (m)
  3. Treasurer’s Report (m)
  4. Updates from Board members and subcommittees
  5. Recap-E ink, Falls fest plans, Meet and Greet, Survey results
  6. Tool inventory, deer fencing
  7. Other new grow business
  8. Looking into the future: Relationship between gro and full circle gardens, exploring welcoming differently abled gardeners
  9. Next meeting August 16, 2018, 630 PM  Community Garden
  10. Adjourn (m)
  • Workshops this month at the community garden. Bring a chair.

July 18, 2018-6:30-7:30 pm: Garden Innovations-Carter Carter takes us on a tour of his garden and answers your questions.

July 19, 2018-6:15-6:40 pm: Trees -how they communicate with and care for each other. Questions about trees and pests.  Town tree warden and members of the tree committee

2018    Tentative GRO meeting dates: All are scheduled on Thursdays unless otherwise revised.